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If you’re thinking of becoming a copywriter, these posts will help you understand what you can expect from your career.

A TOP 20 Award for Copywriting Apprentice Blog!

There was much excitement this week when we discovered the Copywriting Apprentice blog had been listed at number 10 in Feedspot’s Top 20 Apprentice Blogs. There was much surprise too because we hadn’t nominated the blog or entered any awards.

The 20 top blogs were selected and ranked on four criteria:

  • Google search engine ranking and reputation
  • Social media influence
  • The quality and consistency of the blog posts
  • Review by the Feedspot editorial team

So what does that mean to the Copywriting Apprentice? Well, it’s a great honour, of course, and we will proudly display the badge on the blog. An accolade of this kind is a great endorsement for a company or organisation.

But for us, it is the recognition that is really gratifying. When the blog was started, we wanted to create a valuable resource for would-be copywriters. We wanted honest and open articles to provide an insight into life in the industry.

Too many websites and even training companies paint an unrealistic picture of life as a copywriter in an attempt to sell their services. We don’t do hype and false promises. If you’re planning a copywriting career, you could be bitterly disappointed when reality strikes. I fear you won’t be earning mega bucks for a couple of hours work … in-between sipping cocktails on a tropical beach!

The Copywriting Apprentice blog covers every aspect of life as a freelance copywriter – warts and all. With guest blogs by new-to-the-industry and experienced copywriters, this blog is an accurate representation based on professionals’ experiences.

So, a huge THANK YOU to Feedspot for the recognition and for the honour. And of course, our thanks must also go to all to all the copywriters and other professionals who have given up their time to contribute to this blog.

Why would anyone pay me to write?

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Freelance copywriting : why that big contract may not be a good idea

A guest blog by Gill Pavey of Wordhouse Writing Services You know how it is when you start out. You’ve had months of small, one-off jobs but there’s no guarantee the flow will continue. On top of that, these clients have asked for your most basic (lowest fee) services so the jobs haven’t made a… Continue Reading

Is pro-bono the passport to copywriting experience?

One of the biggest challenges for any new copywriter is building a client base. If you’ve never been self-employed before, the thought of finding someone prepared to pay you to write can be daunting … if not downright scary. Gaining experience is a perennial problem and not just for copywriters. It’s something both job hunters… Continue Reading

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