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10 top tips on starting life as a freelance copywriter

A guest blog by freelance copywriter, Caroline Roodhouse of the Word Bird I’m sure there’s no right or wrong way to begin life as a copywriter. I certainly wasn’t armed with a perfect plan. I’d developed a rather healthy network of business acquaintances from previous experiences so I felt confident there was at least a… Continue Reading

Five lessons from my first year as a copywriter

  A guest blog post by Joanna Brown of The Word Hen As my copywriting business approaches its first birthday, I find that I’ve exceeded my targets – don’t get too excited, I had very modest targets!  Perhaps modest expectations are the first lesson! Well, here are another five. Don’t become a copywriter because you… Continue Reading

Starting a career in copywriting

Guest blog by student copywriter, Graham Soutar Six months ago I didn’t know what a copywriter did; now I’m studying to be one. I’ve recently started a distance learning course and here are some of my experiences and thoughts so far on my journey starting a career in copywriting. I’ve been a salesman for ten… Continue Reading

Freelancing Part-time. A Good Route into Copywriting?

A guest blog by Nick Pagan Copywriting   When I first started out as a copywriter, it was on a part-time basis while I worked full-time for a large corporation. My day job was in finance, and was about as removed from copywriting as you could get. But I’d always wanted to be a writer,… Continue Reading

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