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Copywriters – do you manage your social media?

A guest blog by James Day, social media specialist In the contemporary climate, it’s almost impossible to ignore the potential which social media offers for copywriters; in terms of networking, information and marketing opportunities, there aren’t too many avenues out there which can reach as far for so little monetary cost. Let me emphasise here… Continue Reading

5 tips to get more copywriting work and earn more

A guest blog by Alex Clifford, copywriter and marketing executive Copywriting is an incredible skill. You can carve out an awesome career for yourself if you know how to write well. However, you’re limiting yourself if you can only write copy. As a wordsmith you can get more work and charge more, if you learn… Continue Reading

Does a copywriter need insurance?

A guest blog by Noel Woodrow of Insure My Business If you’re starting out as a freelance copywriter you may think that not a lot can go wrong. After all, you’re just writing marketing content for magazines, newspapers and websites, right? Well think again! Insurance for copywriters is well worth considering First take a look… Continue Reading

Proofreading – the difference between copywriting and sloppy writing

  A guest blog by Nick Jones of Find a Proofreader   As someone who started their career as a proofreader and later moved into copywriting, I’m aware of the crossovers between the two professions. Both demand an excellent grasp of English, a love of language and attention to detail. While not all copywriters necessarily… Continue Reading

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