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Privacy & security – a real-life problem for a freelancer

There’s no doubt you have to be security-conscious in today’s online world. Things like viruses, phishing emails and hacking are everyday events. And you have to guard against them. But can you take privacy too far? Consider this … You are a freelancer. You live and work alone. A not uncommon situation. You’ve password protected… Continue Reading

10 top tips on starting life as a freelance copywriter

A guest blog by freelance copywriter, Caroline Roodhouse of the Word Bird I’m sure there’s no right or wrong way to begin life as a copywriter. I certainly wasn’t armed with a perfect plan. I’d developed a rather healthy network of business acquaintances from previous experiences so I felt confident there was at least a… Continue Reading

Freelance Writing and Business Expenses

A guest blog from a former copywriter If you’re a freelance copywriter there are going to be certain costs you incur from carrying out your daily business. These sorts of things can usually be claimed as a business expense when you’re doing your accounts in the future. This means, if you’re diligent, you could end… Continue Reading

How to find outsource copywriters

In an earlier blog, we explored the idea of using outsource copywriters to help at peak times and how outsourcing can help build your business.  While that might seem like a great idea, it can be fraught with problems unless you manage it carefully. Recruiting outsource copywriters So you want to outsource work?  Before you… Continue Reading

Should a copywriter outsource work?

  Looking at some copywriters’ forums, it would seem the subject of outsourcing work is controversial.  Some people are all for it, while others say it is unethical to employ outsource copywriters. I’m afraid I don’t see the logic in that.  Why is it unethical to outsource work if you have more than you can… Continue Reading

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