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Social media branding for copywriters

Guest blog by Shaun Fagan of Blackdog New Media Quick tips for getting it right Ok, you’ve got you handle on Twitter, readied your Facebook timeline, got your YouTube channel up, dabbled with Pinterest, Quora and LinkedIn, surely that’s enough, not more work? Why is social media branding important? Well, thinking about branding across your… Continue Reading

Copywriters – do you manage your social media?

A guest blog by James Day, social media specialist In the contemporary climate, it’s almost impossible to ignore the potential which social media offers for copywriters; in terms of networking, information and marketing opportunities, there aren’t too many avenues out there which can reach as far for so little monetary cost. Let me emphasise here… Continue Reading

The public face of the copywriter

Being a copywriter is a bit like being a royal; you’re always in the public eye.  While the world’s media won’t be remotely interested if you frolic naked round a snooker table, everyone rejoices at the sight of a copywriter’s typo or grammatical blunder. From the minute you announce your copywriting career to the world,… Continue Reading

Copywriters – how do you choose a social media consultant or trainer?

Make no mistake; social media is not a fad.  It’s a powerful marketing tool and one no copywriter can afford to ignore.  We rightly encourage everyone on our copywriting course to use social media. But not every copywriter has the inclination or the time to spend on a Twitter or Facebook campaign, let alone master… Continue Reading

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