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Meet the short copywriting courses

Not everyone looking for copywriting training wants to become a copywriter. Of course, copywriters might find that hard to understand because we think it’s the best job in the world. But if you want to learn specific copywriting skills, and are not planning to become a copywriter, how do you go about selecting a training course?

Copywriting workshops

Look around and you’ll find a wealth of different copywriting workshops available. Until last year, we ran some ourselves. Attending a workshop is a great way to boost your skills, but they do have disadvantages.

How much can you learn?

Bored man at a copywriting workshopMost workshops run for half a day or a full day. You’re bound to find some that stretch for several days, but they’re the exception rather than the rule.

There is always a limit to how much anyone can learn in one session. Research shows we only absorb around 25% of what we hear. When someone is talking or presenting, we’re distracted by other things going on around us. We might be trying to take notes and lose focus. Our minds have a habit of going off at a tangent. So unless you have very effective listening skills, there’s a chance you’ll lose 75% of the information being imparted on the day.

Most copywriting workshop trainers provide course notes for delegates to take away. But all too often, they end up at the bottom of a pile on a desk somewhere.

Inconvenient dates

How many times have you found a workshop or an event you want to attend and discovered you have a prior engagement? Do you miss the boat or rearrange your schedule?


This is a big problem. Attending a workshop usually means travel. A lot of it. Often through rush hour traffic. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a event on your doorstep, you could have a lengthy journey just to attend your chosen copywriting workshop.

Travel can be a problem for the training company too. If they don’t run their courses or workshops close to home, their trainers also have long journeys to the venue, which adds to their costs. These costs are passed on to you.

Training budgets

Many companies have tightened their belts in recent times and training budgets have been a casualty of the recession. Copywriting workshops don’t come cheap and attending just a half-day session could cost you hundreds of pounds. Add the travelling expenses and the loss of a member of staff for the best part of a day and you’re talking big bucks.

Online copywriting courses – a viable alternative

All these disadvantages led to us create a series of short copywriting courses which are delivered online using a dedicated learning management system (LMS). There are now four online copywriting courses available::

How much can you learn online?

lady doing a copywriting course onlineBecause you can work at your own speed and have a full six months’ access to the course, you can learn considerably more than if you attend a copywriting workshop.

The course material can be much more in-depth because you don’t have to absorb everything in one short session. If you need to refresh your memory, you simply log in to the LMS and revisit the relevant sections.

No inconvenient dates

Forget having to juggle your diary. You can access the online copywriting course at any time – day or night. You learn when it suits you, not the workshop organiser.

No travel involved

When you study online all you need is a PC and internet access. No more sitting in grid-locked traffic worrying whether you’ll get to the venue in time. You work whenever and wherever is convenient for you – no matter where you are in the world.

Affordable copywriting courses

Because these copywriting courses are delivered online, they are affordable, even for the tightest training budgets. Why pay hundreds of pounds for half a day’s copywriting training, when you can study online for six months at a fraction of the cost?

Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketer, or an existing copywriter and you want to improve your skills, join the online learning revolution!

Blog post by Joy McCarthy


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