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I’ve got young children. Should I train to be a copywriter?

Guest blog by Fiona Mocatta When your life is more Iggle Piggle than razzle dazzle, you may think that copywriting is not for you. But you’d be wrong.  Though I started my freelance career before I had children, copywriting is a great job when you’ve got young kids.  Here’s why: It’s flexible: You can write… Continue Reading

How copywriters can overcome networking nerves

While networking is a good source of business, there are still many new copywriters and other freelancers who approach it with some trepidation.  There’s no doubt walking into a room full of strangers can cause a few anxious moments, for even the most gregarious amongst us.  So if nerves are affecting your networking opportunities, what… Continue Reading

Starting a career in copywriting

Guest blog by student copywriter, Graham Soutar Six months ago I didn’t know what a copywriter did; now I’m studying to be one. I’ve recently started a distance learning course and here are some of my experiences and thoughts so far on my journey starting a career in copywriting. I’ve been a salesman for ten… Continue Reading

Why a copywriter needs a friend

If you’re a 60s music fan you might remember Carole King’s song ‘You’ve got a Friend’.  We all need friends in both our private and business lives.  I And this is something we recommend to students on our copywriting course. As a new freelancer, you might doubt the wisdom of befriending other copywriters.  After all,… Continue Reading

Why do we want guest bloggers?

If you’re a regular here, you’ve probably read a few of our guest blog posts (feel free to subscribe, by the way). This blog is a resource for everyone thinking about becoming a copywriter.  If someone is considering a career change or looking for copywriting courses, they’re going to be doing their homework.  Before making… Continue Reading

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