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Are copywriters sad people?

If you say you’re a train spotter, people call you an ‘anorak’.  Stamp collectors provoke the same reaction. If you’re fascinated by computers, you’re a labelled a ‘nerd’ or a ‘geek’. But tell people you’re a copywriter and WOW! It sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  You might bask in admiration and wait for cries of “That’s… Continue Reading

Copywriting is Flowers and Fights

Guest blog by freelance copywriter, Stephen Marsh We’ll come to copywriting in a minute. First, there’s something else on my mind. My friend Maria. Maria and I go back years. We went to school together, and we’re close enough to tell each other everything. Four years ago, she met Dan. I don’t know why she… Continue Reading

Freelance Writing and Business Expenses

A guest blog from a former copywriter If you’re a freelance copywriter there are going to be certain costs you incur from carrying out your daily business. These sorts of things can usually be claimed as a business expense when you’re doing your accounts in the future. This means, if you’re diligent, you could end… Continue Reading

Where do home-working copywriters hold meetings?

Copywriters are just one group of the growing number of home workers.  All sorts of consultants and freelancers can be found beavering away in their home offices, or even in their garages or garden sheds. While working from home is commonplace, it can pose a problem when it comes to organising client meetings.  Of course,… Continue Reading

Handling Rejection as a Copywriter

A guest blog by Nick Pagan Copywriting Copywriting’s different to lots of other business types. It’s a service that’s sold to clients but the end product’s always subjective. Or in other words, there’s no definite way of knowing if the client will be happy with the words on the page. As a freelance copywriter, I… Continue Reading

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