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Five lessons from my first year as a copywriter

  A guest blog post by Joanna Brown of The Word Hen As my copywriting business approaches its first birthday, I find that I’ve exceeded my targets – don’t get too excited, I had very modest targets!  Perhaps modest expectations are the first lesson! Well, here are another five. Don’t become a copywriter because you… Continue Reading

What’s the difference between a copywriter and a proofreader?

  A guest blog by Gill Pavey of Wordhouse Writing Services From time to time I am contacted by people enquiring about my services, who clearly have absolutely no idea what a proofreader does. I’ve fielded various eyebrow-raising questions and it’s become something of a conversation stopper at social gatherings when talk turns to occupations,… Continue Reading

What price copywriting training?

For many new copywriters, life is a Catch 22 situation.  They’re trapped and don’t know how to get out. What is a copywriter? People from all walks of life become copywriters.  Often they’re people who enjoy writing and perhaps have written some short stories.  Maybe they edit their local parish magazine or have a blog.… Continue Reading

People per Hour – Making Life Difficult for the Professional

Guest blog by Nexus Copywriting Important message from the Copywriting Apprentice webmaster: Please note we are not associated with People per Hour in any way and are unable to offer advice on how to contact or make complaints to PPH. If you are experiencing problems we recommend you contact the Trading Standards Department or the… Continue Reading

The pros and cons of a freelance copywriting career

Did you wake up yesterday morning and decide to become a copywriter? Probably not. It’s much more likely your copywriting career will start gradually.  As time goes on, you’ll do some research to find out if a career in copywriting is feasible … and if it’s for you. Whatever stage you’re at, whether you’re still… Continue Reading

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