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5 Tone of Voice Copywriting Tips

  Guest blog by Jamie Graham of Ocean Copy. When you’re starting out as a copywriter, one way you can stand out from the crowd is to develop your own tone of voice. Why should people hire you over someone else with the same experience? Often it will purely come down to price, but having… Continue Reading

Copywriters … steering clear of calamitous clients

… and what to do if payment does not materialise … Guest blog by Fiona Mocatta It’s exciting to change the way a business communicates and know you are helping add to their bottom line. But enthusiasm for getting new work should not blind you to potentially calamitous clients… “Can we barter writing for …”… Continue Reading

The social faux-pas: managing complaints on social media

A guest blog by James Day, social media manager It’s a business’ worst nightmare: a complaint going viral. Due to the very nature of social media, tweets and posts are so easily shared that before you know it, one negative comment can spiral into a PR disaster. In 2012, a mother named Suzy Macleod complained… Continue Reading

Business continuity and the copywriter – Part 3 of 4

Their problem is my problem In the last business continuity article we looked at the Buncefield oil storage depot disaster, and how businesses of all sizes were affected. Events like this don’t happen very often. Many of today’s catastrophes are weather-related. The UK has had a significant number of widespread weather-related problems in the last… Continue Reading

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