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Business continuity and the copywriter – Part 3 of 4

Their problem is my problem In the last business continuity article we looked at the Buncefield oil storage depot disaster, and how businesses of all sizes were affected. Events like this don’t happen very often. Many of today’s catastrophes are weather-related. The UK has had a significant number of widespread weather-related problems in the last… Continue Reading

Business continuity and the copywriter – Part 2 of 4

It doesn’t have to be your disaster In the first blog of this series we looked at some simple problems which might affect the smooth running of your copywriting business. In this second post, we’ll look at potential problems outside your direct control, and the ripples-on-a-pond effects. At just after 6 am one Sunday in… Continue Reading

Business continuity and the copywriter – Part 1 of 4

It isn’t rocket science Business continuity planning is a widely used term. It’s also widely misunderstood, partly because most people associate business continuity with large corporations and major incidents. If you have trouble with the words ‘business continuity’, try ‘contingency’ or the phrases ‘just in case’ and ‘better safe than sorry’. They all cover the… Continue Reading

Why a copywriter needs a friend

If you’re a 60s music fan you might remember Carole King’s song ‘You’ve got a Friend’.  We all need friends in both our private and business lives.  I And this is something we recommend to students on our copywriting course. As a new freelancer, you might doubt the wisdom of befriending other copywriters.  After all,… Continue Reading

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