CA professional copywriting course syllabus

The professional Copywriting Apprentice training course spans 21 chapters divided into four blocks.

Block 1 of the course starts by laying the foundations and teaching you essential copywriting skills. With that firm foundation laid, Block 2 and Block 3 progress through a wide range of copywriting disciplines. Finally, launching your copywriting career is covered in Block 4.

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Copywriting Apprentice course introduction

Welcome to the Copywriting Apprentice

Block 1: Laying the foundations

Chapter 1 – Getting started as a copywriter

Chapter 2 – More than just words

Chapter 3 – Copywriting techniques and styles

Chapter 4 – Writing about features and benefits

Chapter 5 – The copywriting brief

Chapter 6 – Proofing and checking your work

Block 2: Online copywriting

Chapter 7 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Chapter 8 – Website copywriting

Chapter 9 – Content marketing and blogging

Chapter 10 – Writing email newsletters

Chapter 11 – Online advertising

Block 3: Offline copywriting

Chapter 12 – Direct mail copywriting

Chapter 13 – Writing for print

Chapter 14 – Press release writing

Chapter 15 – Writing for printed newsletters

Chapter 16 – Writing persuasive adverts

Block 4 – Your copywriting business

Chapter 17 – Setting up your copywriting business

Chapter 18 – Marketing yourself as a freelance writer

Chapter 19 – Offline marketing

Chapter 20 – Marketing yourself online

Chapter 21 – The beginning … not the end

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