Setting up a home office

Copywriter working at homeIf you’re thinking of becoming a copywriter, you’ll need a place to work.  And if you’re going to take a copywriting course, you’ll need somewhere to study too.

Many freelance copywriters enjoy the convenience of working from home.   While that can be a solitary way of life, there are a great deal of benefits.  But if you’re working and running your copywriting business from home, you will need a properly set-up office.

Where should you site your office?

Having your home office in a bedroom is often the most convenient.  Unless you have a big house, you’re more likely to have a spare bedroom than a spare reception room.

Garages are also popular sites for home offices.  However, you might need to take advice from your local planning authority or building control department to find out if your garage can be converted into an office.  Shedworking is also becoming a popular alternative to having an office in your house.

What equipment does a copywriter need?

You’ll need the basics in your home office before you start:

  • Desk
  • Suitable chair (very important to prevent back strain)
  • PC or laptop
  • Phone
  • Printer
  • Stationery supplies
  • Reference books

In the longer term, you might want to add a filing cabinet and some storage space.  Buying a shredder is a good idea too as you might have to destroy confidential draft copies of your work.

IT and communications are an important part of your home office set-up.  If the reception’s good, you can use a Wi-Fi internet connection and cordless phone.  However, if the reception’s poor, you might need to run some cables into your new office.

Because you’ll spend a lot of time in your office, make sure it’s warm in winter and well ventilated.  Trying to work in a stuffy office will affect your concentration and can result in headaches.

Lighting will play an important part in your home office.  Ideally, you will need natural light as well as electric lighting.  Consider investing in LED lighting to keep your costs to a minimum.  And as they’ll last for many years you won’t have to worry about changing the bulbs.

Setting up your home office isn’t difficult.  Don’t forget it is your place of work, though, and encourage your family to treat it with respect.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

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