I’ve got young children. Should I train to be a copywriter?

Guest blog by Fiona Mocatta

Fiona Mocatta CopywriterWhen your life is more Iggle Piggle than razzle dazzle, you may think that copywriting is not for you. But you’d be wrong.  Though I started my freelance career before I had children, copywriting is a great job when you’ve got young kids.  Here’s why:

  1. It’s flexible: You can write year-round, day or night, in a five minute blast or for hours at a time.  Clients needn’t know that you’re writing while your baby naps, during endless breastfeeding and – later – when your children are at school.  If money is an issue, this way of working is incredibly cost effective as you can save on childcare costs as you set up your business.

  2. Start-up costs are low.  The only equipment you need is a computer and a phone; and you’ve probably got those already.  However, I would recommend investing in a virtual IT support team. Once you are freelancing you can’t afford to lose much needed work (and time) because of computer issues.

  3. Networking has got very parent friendly in the last 10 years.   Many groups now meet at lunchtimes or in the evening; perfect for when the kids are at school, or when you would rather work than put them to bed! I suggest you check out the very many networking groups in your local area. Before you visit, you should invest in a decent website and business cards, so that prospective clients take you seriously.

  4. Mutual support, friendship and business are out there. Once you start networking, you may find local graphic designers, web designers and marketing communications freelancers who are keen to meet a decent local copywriter. Membership of a friendly networking group or two can work wonders for your confidence and bottom line.  Freelancing can be lonely; networking is one antidote.

  5. Social media is ideal for creative freelancers as you can engage prospective customers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media is free to use, takes as much time as you want to give it, and uses your writing skills. Plus, they can all be done from the comfort of your own home, so you can make new contacts without having to pay for a babysitter.

  6. All businesses need words. While you are building up your portfolio and your confidence you can write for small local businesses and hone your writing and client handling skills.

  7. Writing is creative, fun and therapeutic; a much-needed outlet when your day revolves around someone else feeding and sleeping, and even more so when you are dealing with children who can talk back!

Fiona Mocatta is a freelance copywriter who has written for household names and hundreds of smaller businesses.  Fiona has a marketing background, 10 years freelance copywriting experience, and three small children. To keep in touch or see her previous work, check out http://www.mocatta.org. You can follow Fiona Mocatta on Twitter too.

2 Responses to I’ve got young children. Should I train to be a copywriter?

  1. This could have been written for me, thank you Fiona! I’m just starting out and writing with one hand with my baby in the other is hard going at times, but it’s great to hear that it has worked out so well for you.

  2. I’m sure there are a lot of people juggling babies and working from home Heather. Perhaps when you have time, you’ll guest blog and tell us your tricks for managing both. I’m glad I never had to try it! Anyone who does is in the wonderwoman class as far as I’m concerned.

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