Is a home study copywriting course right for you?

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Home study courses, often called distance learning courses, are an effective way of learning a new skill or craft.  In days gone by, they were called correspondence courses.  Course materials were posted, usually in stages, and the student completed their work and returned their assignments for marking, again by post.

Today’s technology means you don’t have to rely on the postal service and online learning management systems are easy to access and user-friendly.

For most aspiring writers, a home study copywriting course is the ideal way to learn, but like working from home, it needs a disciplined approach.

Pros of a home study course

No rigid timetable

With a home study course, you can work when it suits you, not your learning provider.  If you have a job and / or family obligations, attending a day release or evening class can be difficult.  If you miss a class, there is a danger you will fall behind and your studies will suffer.

No travel

With the cost of petrol and traffic problems, you can save both time and money with a home study course.  If you live in a rural area, you might have to factor in a couple of hours of travel time to attend a class.

Work at your own pace

Everyone works at different speeds and a home study course allows for this.  Assignments and exercises can be completed when you’re ready to do them, not because they must be handed in next week.  If you want to go on holiday, you don’t have to worry about term time and missing classes.  What’s more, you can take your course work with you or leave it at home while you relax – the choice is yours.


Many people undertake home study courses because they lack job security and want to take control of their future.  But they might not want their employers to know they’re learning a new skill, especially if they plan to leave their job to start a new career.  Nobody need know you’re studying with a distance learning course – unless you tell them, of course.

Study while working

You don’t have to give up work to take a home study course.  Because they’re flexible, you can study in the evening, weekends, and even in your lunch break if you want to.

Lower cost

Generally, distance learning courses are more affordable than many other types of studying.  For example, attending just a one-day copywriting course could cost you hundreds of pounds.  For the same amount of money, you could enrol on our home study copywriting course and get considerably better value for money.

Cons of a home study course

Discipline is needed

If you’re easily distracted, you will have to work harder to motivate yourself to keep up with your studies.

No peer support

Unlike studying in a formal classroom situation, distance learning can be a lonely experience.  It’s important you find ways to overcome this and we recommend you use forums and social media to interact with others.

Here at the Copywriting Apprentice we take this problem seriously and encourage our students to interact with other copywriters.  Unlike most copywriting courses, we’ve also built in one-to-one telephone tutorials to help dispel any feelings of isolation.


Some courses rely solely online materialCover design of Copywriting Apprentice text book

Many home study copywriting courses rely solely on an online learning system.  Absorbing information and learning is easier with hard-copy printed materials.  It also gives you greater flexibility.  With a textbook and an online system, you can study anywhere.

While our entire copywriting course is available online in the Learning Gateway (our learning management system), each of our students receives a traditional, professionally printed textbook to help them with their studies.

So there you have it.  The pros and cons of a distance learning copywriting course.  If you think the pros outweigh the cons and you have a future as a copywriter, what better place to start than with the Copywriting Apprentice home study copywriting course.

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