Is a copywriting course a leap of faith?


If you’re choosing a distance learning course, be that copywriting, car maintenance or candlestick-making, how do you know it will live up to your expectations?

Of course, you can read the information on the website, download a prospectus and read reviews, but is that enough? How good is the course material? Do you really know how supportive your tutor will be?

Here at the Copywriting Apprentice, we experienced that for ourselves. We enrolled a member of our team on a distance learning bookkeeping course. She was very keen and felt bookkeeping was her forte.

Despite our extensive research, reading reviews and careful selection, the course fell very far short of our expectations. It was poorly constructed and confusing. We had no alternative but to return the material to the company and ask for a refund. But being reimbursed was no compensation for our team member. The experience left her disillusioned, demotivated and her self-confidence took a knock.

Even after five years, the Copywriting Apprentice is still the new kid on the copywriting course block. Nearly three years of work went into its research, writing and development. Today, our students come from all over the globe. It was and still is our goal to make the course the best on the market and to give our students an unsurpassed level of support.

You can imagine our delight, a few months after the course was launched, when we received an unsolicited email from one of our students, Debbie Thomas from Flintshire. Debbie was our very first Copywriting Apprentice ‘graduate’. She explained how highly she rated the course and the support she received. She described enrolling on a distance learning course as ‘a leap of faith’ and offered a personal review to anyone interested in the Copywriting Apprentice.

This is what Debbie said …

“You know you want to become a copywriter. But it’s not easy deciding if you need to do a training course and, if so, which one would be right for you. I have been in that position and I made the choice to study on the Copywriting Apprentice course in 2013. The course – including the tutor support that goes with it – has been exceptionally good and way beyond my expectations. That’s why I’ve offered to be a point of contact for anyone who would like to find out more from a student’s perspective. Email me at, or contact me via LinkedIn and I’d be very happy to answer any questions you may have.”

So if you’re considering enrolling with the Copywriting Apprentice and would like an unbiased opinion on the quality of the course and the support you’ll receive, get in touch with Debbie today.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

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