Earning money as a copywriter – can you really support yourself?

Making the decision to become self-employed is scary.  It’s not for the faint-hearted.  But the bottom line is … can you really support yourself as a freelance copywriter?

The answer has to be yes, but the truth is you won’t do it overnight.  You will have to work hard, burn the midnight oil (frequently), and will experience peaks and troughs.

One of the worst copywriters I have ever come across also happened to be a first-class marketer.  He was a hugely talented graphic designer, but somewhere along the line, he decided he was also a copywriter.  He wasn’t.

He didn’t have a clue about grammar … he couldn’t spell to save his life … and his copywriting skills were non-existent.  But he knew how to market his services and he was never short of work.  He built great websites and filled them with appalling copy.  He created stunning advertising concepts … then he wrote the words. But still his client base grew.

I don’t even remember his name, but his marketing skills (and his lack of copywriting skills) linger in my memory.  The moral to this story is … if you are good at what you do and excel at marketing, the sky’s the limit.

Our copywriting training course looks at all the ways freelance copywriters can market their services.  Good, trained copywriters with a lot of marketing savvy can and will make a success of their business.  They can support themselves and their families.

But life as a copywriter isn’t rags to riches overnight.  First you have to master your craft and, in our opinion, professional copywriting training is essential.  You’ll have to spend as much time marketing yourself as you spend writing engaging copy.

And after that … hard work, long hours and a passion for words will win the day.  Unless, of course, you’re a bad writer but a great marketer.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

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