Is copywriting the career for you?

If you enjoy writing, you might be exploring ways you can earn a living as a writer. You might be wondering what a copywriter really does and whether it’s a possible career for you.

What does a copywriter do?

Every business uses words to market and promote its services. This is known as ‘copy’ and a copywriter is the person who writes it. This might be advertising brochures, sales letters or the content on a website. Copy also refers to the words in press or radio adverts.

Not everyone has come across the terms copywriting or copywriters. Sometimes they’re terms people have heard but don’t really understand what they mean. Copywriters are sometimes called business writers or commercial writers.

What makes copywriting different from other writing genres?

First of all, if you’re a good writer, you’re likely to have the skills to become a good copywriter. But make no mistake, copywriting is quite different from other types of writing.

For example, authors write books. The purpose of non-fiction books is to provide information, a point of reference and to teach the reader about the subject. Fiction authors write stories to entertain the reader.

Journalists write about factual subjects such as world events. While authors want people to buy their books and journalists want people to buy their newspapers, they are not copywriters.

The copywriter is a specialist marketer. They use a very powerful style of writing to generate a response from the reader. Their job is to use the power of words to promote and sell a product or service.

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Who uses copywriters?

There is a demand for good copywriters, because every business needs to market itself and sell its products and services. In today’s market, even the smallest companies have websites and many need the services of a skilled copywriter.

Some larger companies employ in-house copywriters. Others outsource their copywriting to freelance writers or agencies. However you choose to further your career, this copywriting course will provide you with a solid foundation. Why not enrol today and start your copywriting career right now.

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Copywriting calls for more than just good writing skills. The Copywriting Apprentice course will make sure you’re well equipped for your career as a copywriter. Working with an experienced tutor, you will master copywriting techniques and writing styles, and even learn how to go about launching your new career.

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