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A guest post by writer and blogger James Torridon of More Anon

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A recent news item on the IT Donut website stated millions of micro-businesses are let down by their websites. They were reporting a survey which suggests micro-businesses are losing opportunities because of outdated websites. They put this figure at 3 million.

As a copywriter (particularly if you offer website and SEO copywriting), you can’t afford to be let down by your website. The design of your site or a hard-to-navigate structure can put off prospective clients. But it is poor, outdated, or inadequate content that is the main cause of a website’s poor performance.

When it comes to content, a copywriter’s website should sparkle. But sadly, many websites are built and then forgotten (even copywriters’ sites). The owner says, “I’m OK now – I have a website”. But anything which doesn’t move gathers dust and cobwebs. Your website is your shop window and if your display isn’t touched in a year, how attractive does it look?

Just as worrying is (or should be), your copywriting competitors will be building and updating their websites, leaving yours behind. Most business websites have static pages containing information which doesn’t change much, but giving your site a quick update should be all in a day’s work for a copywriter.

One of the most important elements of search engine optimization is well-written, relevant content. And guess who writes the best content? Yes – you – the copywriter!

Many micro-business owners don’t understand how crucial good content is, and why they should invest in it. They don’t have any copywriting training. They don’t have the skills needed to write their own copy. They don’t know how good copywriting can improve conversion rates and boost their SEO. So what better way to convince them and demonstrate your skills than by using your own website as an example?

Check out the report from IT Donut. It makes fascinating reading. And once you’ve done that, take a long hard look at your own website. Is it up to scratch? If it’s not, perhaps now is the time to do something about it, because it’s clear there are a lot of micro-businesses out there who need help. And 3 million is a lot of prospective clients!

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