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Image depicting the danger of guest blogging for copywritersGuest blogging is a hot topic at the moment. In fact, we’ve recently blogged twice on the subject. This time, we’re looking at why copywriters need to be careful in their choice of guest bloggers.

As a copywriter, you have to protect your reputation and your public profile. As we said in an earlier blog, there’s nothing Joe Public likes better than finding mistakes in a copywriter’s work. So while any guest blogs should be clearly credited to the author, you could still be seen as being responsible for any typos, blunders or grammatical errors.

Rather than asking just anyone to contribute to your blog, we recommend you treat your guest blogging as carefully as you would any marketing project. Here are some pointers to get you started …

  1. Check out the quality of your guest blogger’s writing. Would you be happy to have it on your site?
  2. Blogs should be informative and are not designed to sell. So check to see if your guest’s existing blogs offer advice and add value, or if they are thinly disguised sales pitches.
  3. What topic does your guest blogger intend to write about? Is it relevant and likely to be of interest to your audience?
  4. Check out your guest blogger’s site. You will be linking back to it, so it’s important it’s professional too.

Create your own blog guidelines

Creating some guidelines for your guest bloggers will make you look professional, prevent any misunderstandings, and help you maintain the standards and integrity of your blog. Each guest blogger should be sent a copy of your guidelines before writing their article.

Your blog guidelines might contain:

  • Your blogging objectives
  • Your target audience
  • An approximation of the amount of traffic to your blog
  • An explanation of how and where you will promote the guest blog
  • Explain how you will credit the author
  • State how often you post
  • Give the blogger an idea of your ideal word count
  • If you expect images or logos to be included, be sure to give details of file types and sizes
  • If you allow your blogger to include a byline, give details of what you will and won’t include

If you create some blogging guidelines, it’s also a good idea to state you will retain editorial control and specify how you will exercise it. When you have received your guest blog, check its content carefully. Remember: you might not have written it, but it’s still going to appear on your site and you will be responsible for its content.

Finally, when you’ve posted your guest blog, be sure to thank your blogger and promote their article to the best of your ability – after all, they’ve done you a favour writing it.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

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