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If you’re thinking about a copywriting career and investigating courses, you’re going to have a lot of questions and will want honest answers.

We don’t do sales hype and spin at the Copywriting Apprentice. What you’ll find here are straightforward answers to your questions so you can make an informed decision about your career.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, don’t hesitate to contact the Copywriting Apprentice Student Office. Our team are happy to have an informal, no-obligation chat – with no sales pitches! Alternatively, we’re just an email away.

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1. Why would anyone pay me to write?

Actually, not many people ask this, mostly because they don’t want to sound daft. But it’s one question that’s at the back of many would-be copywriters’ minds, so let’s get it out of the way.

Obviously, you know people pay for copywriting services … but that’s real copywriters. Copywriters who work in posh agencies and work for all those big blue chip companies … they’re different, aren’t they?   

After all, nearly everyone can write. It’s one of the first things we’re taught at school. So why don’t people just do their own writing? Why would they pay me to do it for them? It’s only writing. 

You can understand why someone pays an electrician, or even a hairdresser. You probably can’t rewire your house or cut your own hair. But writing? What’s so hard about that?

So, how are we doing? Does this sound about right?

If you enjoy writing, it’s hard to understand that other people might hate it. They probably don’t have your talent or interest in words. Or they might be too busy and they’d rather pay someone to do the writing and spend their time doing what they enjoy and what they’re good at.

Of course, you know all this in theory. Now you have to start believing it! But if this question is a niggling doubt, rest assured you’re not alone. If you decide on a copywriting career and learn your craft, you will become a proper copywriter and your clients will be happy to pay you to write for them. Still got doubts? Visit the blog for more information about the ups and downs of life as a copywriter.

2. Can I earn a living from copywriting?

In a word – Yes. However, make no mistake – you’ll need to learn your craft and work hard – at both your writing and your marketing.

3. How much can I earn as a copywriter?

That’s one question we can’t answer. We don’t know how many hours you want to work. We don’t know how much you will charge for your services. We don’t know anything about your writing skills at the moment. 

But what we would say is be wary of any person or organisation who promises you massive rock star-like earnings if you just complete their copywriting course. A skilled copywriter has a good earnings potential, but if you want fame and fortune and rock stars’ earnings, you’d better learn to play the guitar!

4. How do I know if I’m good enough to be a copywriter?

Most people who are considering copywriting as a career are already good writers and in love with the language.

But to be on the safe side, we assess your writing at the beginning of the course. If you don’t have the writing skills, sadly, we can’t accept you as a Copywriting Apprentice student. If that’s the case, we refund your fees so you are not out of pocket.

5. Why should I choose the Copywriting Apprentice?

We’re bound to say because it’s a better training course (you’ll probably think we’re biased – and you’d be right).

We believe the Copywriting Apprentice is the most comprehensive copywriting training available. We test and challenge you throughout your training.

You have to pass 12 assignments and 15 multiple-choice tests to complete the course. That means you have a thorough grounding in every aspect of copywriting. Yes – we make our students work hard, but so will your prospective clients.

Oh – did we mention you have phone one-to-ones with your tutor? Well, that’s another good reason too.

6. What other training do you offer?

We only deliver copywriting training. With the Copywriting Apprentice, you get quality copywriting training delivered by experienced professionals. We’re not a jack of all trades.

As well as the Copywriting Apprentice professional level course, we also run short courses. These are ideal for marketers or business people who don’t want to become copywriters, but do need to learn some copywriting skills.

7. What is the Learning Gateway?

The Learning Gateway is our online learning management system (LMS). As well as hosting the online version of the CA copywriting course, it’s where you’ll find the Resource Library. It’s packed with information. You’ll find links to help your research, fact sheets, downloads and copywriting examples.

8. Do I have to use the online Learning Gateway?

Yes. The Learning Gateway is where you upload your assignments, pick up your marks and tutor feedback, and complete the ‘Sticky Tests’. Today’s copywriter must be internet-savvy. We’d be failing you if we didn’t provide you with an online learning platform.

9. Why do I have to complete my training in a year? Other courses say there is no time limit.

There are two good reasons for setting a time limit:

  1. If you’re serious about becoming a copywriter, you will be motivated and complete your course well within the year. If you let it drag on and on, you’ll probably never get round to finishing it and you’ll have wasted your time and money.
  2. Copywriters frequently have to work to deadlines. Completing the course in a year is good experience for your new career.

10. How much time will I have to spend studying?

We recommend you spend around four hours a week on your copywriting training. However, the time you spend studying will depend on your work and family commitments. It will also depend on your existing knowledge and skills.

11. What sort of people study with the Copywriting Apprentice?

Our students come from all walks of life and from all over the English-speaking world. The majority of our students want to become full-time copywriters. Some have been made redundant, others are looking for a career change, or perhaps a job to fit in with their family commitments.

But not all our students plan to be full-time writers. Some are marketing professionals who want to improve their copywriting skills. Some are small business owners, company directors and even secretaries. They have a common aim – to learn to write effective copy.

12. Why are there so many assignments?

You can’t learn enough from just reading a book, downloading a PDF or watching a few video clips online. You need supervised practical experience to support your distance learning.

When your tutor marks each assignment, you will get comprehensive feedback to help you perfect your copywriting techniques. Our students regularly express their surprise at receiving such comprehensive feedback.

13. What are the Sticky Tests?

Our online Sticky Tests are fast, furious and fun! They are interactive multiple-choice questions which are designed to test how much you have learnt by studying the chapter. In other words – has it stuck? If you get any of the questions wrong, you know immediately what areas you need to brush up on.

14. Why do you have phone tutorials? Other copywriting training courses don’t do that.

Distance learning can be impersonal and students sometimes feel isolated. Having one-to-one phone tutorials solves this problem. It helps by motivating you and allows you to discuss any problems or issues you might have. And apart from all that – there’s no better way for our students and tutors to get to know each other better.

15. How will my assignments be marked?

All student assignments are marked to a set standard to ensure every one is graded consistently and nothing is forgotten. A marking framework is used and areas like writing skills, accuracy, presentation and adhering to the brief are covered.

You are given a numerical percentage mark for each assignment rather than a vague A, B or C grade. When you receive your feedback, you will see your individual marks for every component of the assignment. This shows you where you need to improve and which elements you have mastered fully.

16. When can I start my copywriting training?

Right now. You can enrol online here today. Because this is a distance learning copywriting course, you can start at any time.

Of course if you want to know more, don’t forget the Copywriting Apprentice team is here to help. You can send an email, or if you’d rather have a chat, the number is 02392 503 742.

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