A tribute to a copywriting professional

We’ve waited six months to write this blog as a tribute to a very talented and thoroughly professional copywriter. David of Nexus Copywriting was one of our most popular guest bloggers. In October 2013, he was taken ill and spent the next four months in hospital fighting for his life. Sadly, he died in February just weeks before his 45th birthday.

David’s death was a huge loss to us here at the Copywriting Apprentice. As well as being an experienced freelance copywriter, he had a strong educational and training background. He had been involved in the development of the Copywriting Apprentice as a freelance consultant from day one. His remit was to ensure the educational quality and integrity of the course. David was a stickler for detail, and he was passionate about the need for quality training in the copywriting industry.

To respect his family’s wishes, we have waited several months to write this very brief tribute. There isn’t a day goes past that we don’t remember David with fondness and gratitude, and we count ourselves very privileged to have known and worked with him. We’ve lost a good friend, mentor and valued member of our team. And the copywriting world is poorer for his passing.

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  1. Thank you for that tribute. David was my friend too and I miss him terribly. You are completely right in everything you say about him. He will always be missed and has left a large, unfillable hole in my life.

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