7 tips for a slicker 60 second elevator pitch


Guest blog by Fiona Mocatta

Fiona Mocatta CopywriterDuring most formal networking group meetings, everyone present gets to spend one minute talking about their business and the contacts they would like.  This one minute is called your “60 second pitch” or – unsurprisingly – “your one minute”.

Here are seven things you can do to have a more professional pitch.

  1. Stand up and smile.  Look around the room and take a deep breath. Smiling will help you relax and will put your audience at ease.

  2. Introduce yourself; even if you know everyone in the room and reminding them of your name and job will make you feel like a berk.

  3. Tell people how you can help them solve a problem. “Have you not had time to write your blog for the last three months?” “Are you embarrassed to point people towards your website?”

  4. Tell them how you can help.“I am a copywriter specialising in….”

  5. Give some information about yourself which gives you a competitive advantage – “I’ve been working for 20 years”, “I’ve worked for household names, “I have a special offer for (name of group) members”, I’m a member of [so and so] professional body”

  6. At the end of your pitch, ask for specific referrals. Preface this with, “This month I am looking for… “ to make sure everyone is listening and focussed on how they can help you.  Remember, you are pitching to the people in the room and, more importantly, promoting them to think about who they know who may need your services. Don’t ask for “anyone who wants a website” but “Finchley web designers with charity clients”.

  7. Prepare a tag line/memory hook. One of the best I’ve ever heard is (from a travel agent), “When you start to look like your passport photo, you need a holiday”.

If it ain’t broke… bin it

Once you’ve got your one minute down to a fine art, bin it.  If you are used to saying it, then people may be bored of hearing it. Why not prepare a few one minutes that you rotate; changing props to keep interest alive?  You can also play around with your memory hook and see which gets the best response.

You don’t need to dread the spotlight

Networking is a brilliant way to meet interesting people, get support from fellow freelancers and – if you’re lucky – get some new business.  Having a well prepared 60 seconds can help you relax and enjoy yourself during networking meeting, so why not give it a go?


Fiona Mocatta is a freelance copywriter who has written for household names and hundreds of smaller businesses.  Fiona has a marketing background, 10 years freelance copywriting experience, and three small children. To keep in touch or see her previous work, check out http://www.mocatta.org. You can follow Fiona Mocatta on Twitter too.

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