5 Tone of Voice Copywriting Tips


Guest blog by Jamie Graham of Ocean Copy.

Jamie Graham of Ocean CopyWhen you’re starting out as a copywriter, one way you can stand out from the crowd is to develop your own tone of voice.

Why should people hire you over someone else with the same experience? Often it will purely come down to price, but having a unique tone of voice can definitely make a difference to the types of customer you attract and how much they’ll be willing to pay.

I’ve been running my own copywriting business for around 5 years and I’d like to share my tone of voice tips with you.

1. Don’t read too much

I know some copywriters will disagree with this piece of advice, but it worked for me. I found that whenever I read too many blog posts or websites, some of what I read found its way into my own writing subconsciously. In the early days as a copywriter it’s crucial to develop your own tone of voice so I would advise you don’t bog yourself down reading other people’s content (but please continue reading this post).

2. Think about who you’re writing for

Before you write any blog posts or pages for your website, think long and hard about your ideal client. Too many aspiring copywriters fall into the trap of writing wishy-washy content that doesn’t really appeal to anyone. Once you know your ideal client in your mind, write down a persona profile for them. You can use your imagination for this once you have a basic idea of age, gender, occupation etc.

3. Write naturally

You’ve probably heard people saying you should write in a conversational tone, for the web in particular. And it’s true. If you’re just embarking on a career in copywriting, let your natural voice come through in your copy. The last thing you want to do is try to craft your copy so that it reads “a certain way” or how you think other people would like it to.

4. Be consistent

A big part of developing your own tone of voice is consistency. For example, if you have a copywriting blog, you should avoid switching from a formal tone for some posts to an informal tone for others. If you consistently write in different tones of voice when you’re starting out, you’ll confuse your readers and yourself.

5. Don’t be scared

My final piece of advice is don’t be scared. It can be daunting when you’re starting out to try and set yourself apart from other copywriters. Unfortunately, too many people play it safe and end up blending in with the crowd. If you don’t want to be just another copywriter, make the decision to be bold and genuine from the outset and have the courage to find your own tone of voice.

Jamie Graham is a web copywriter with extensive SEO experience. Follow him on Twitter @JamieOcean because he’d like the kudos of having 1,000 followers!

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