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Books needed – can you help?

As an avid reader, this tugged at my heart strings.  It’s nothing to do with copywriting training, but helping some youngsters enjoy the delights of our language is close enough for me.

It is a plea via Facebook to help some teenagers in Thailand.  It was posted by Samantha Vaughan, who is Centre Manager for Bicester and Cherwell Innovation Centres in Oxfordshire …

“I have a friend who is currently volunteering as a teacher at a teenage boys / young men’s school in the mountains in Thailand.

The boys are unbelievably charming and my friend is absolutely loving the experience.

Unfortunately the school is really under funded, they are currently building a library but they don’t have any books! Does anyone have any bright ideas on how we can get some free books for them?

Some English books and some Thai books will be ideal as they don’t speak a lot of English, but kids’ level books will be ideal.

Could you please let me know your thoughts and suggestions please on how we can get books for them.”

If you can help, please let us know here at the Copywriting Apprentice and we’ll put you in touch with Samantha.

Thank you – I knew you could help!

Blog post by Joy McCarthy