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If you’re looking for a Copywriting Apprentice review, you won’t do better than listening to this radio show podcast.

On the 19th September, the Copywriting Apprentice and former CA student, Debbie Thomas of Grangewood Copywriting, were invited to take part in the Knowing Your Business radio show.  Appropriately, the topic of the show was ‘business training – who needs it?‘.

In the interviewer’s seat was Tim Lyon, himself an accomplished and well-respected business trainer and presenter.  In this (approximately) 20 minute podcast, Tim explores why and how the Copywriting Apprentice copywriter course came about and why distance learning was the chosen medium. Tim goes on to ask Debbie Thomas what impact copywriting training has had on her new career as a freelance copywriter.

If you’re thinking about a copywriting course, be sure to listen to this podcast before making a decision.  And if you want any more information, simply get in touch.

If you’d like to speak to Debbie Thomas personally and in confidence, you’ll find more information about why she recommends the Copywriting Apprentice here.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy


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