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Most Marketers Fail to Keep Up with Consumers. FACT!

A guest blog by digital marketing specialist, Ian Gentles

Digital marketing specialist Ian GentlesPeople don’t go to Facebook or Twitter looking for commerce or brands. They go there looking for their friend’s latest update. They go there for local information. They go for conversation. They go there to play silly games and waste time. They go there to share photos. And they go there to show off.

And yet I know so many businesses who raced there, maybe enticed by the streams of propaganda promising them that’s where their customers are.  What became clear as things unfolded was most jumped in without a proper plan on how to connect with people.

Businesses are still, and will probably always be, interlopers in this thing known as Social Space. This doesn’t mean businesses can’t be successful. It doesn’t mean business messages fall on deaf ears. It just means to reach consumers, successful businesses have to overcome the tendency to sell and encourage people to buy.

And that’s a long journey – YOUR business has to deliver messages so people can firstly buy into the ethos of YOUR business. “Oh I haven’t got time for that” I’ve heard many scream. “I NEED sales, I need ROI, and I NEED them NOW!”  And that is the end of their social media marketing.

Pinterest and Google+ are different

Pinterest is a wonderful shop window filled with images of fabulous consumer goodies. The consumer knows it and has flocked to Pinterest to browse and BUY!

But Google+ is fast becoming a space for people seeking information about products and services.   It has the added bonus of being a very fast route towards customer service. Google+ also offers the consumer a social space for family and friends, so that sharing is more like real life.

It’s no secret. When the Google team built Google+, they constructed an SEO juggernaut to dominate search results above all other social platforms. Although Facebook and Twitter are useful for marketing efforts if you have a plan, both restrict Google from accessing much of their data. This limits their SEO effectiveness.

Not so with Google+. Google+ is SEO on steroids.

And that is one of the secret weapons of Google+. Google owns a platform. Facebook and Twitter etc don’t. Google, in fact, owns three increasingly-unified platforms: the web, Chrome, and Android.

There are too many ways to describe how Google owns the web (particularly in the UK where it has more than 90% of the market), but here are a few examples: Google Search, YouTube, and Google DNS. Not only do you encounter them almost everywhere on the web, but there’s a good chance you used them to connect to the websites you visited today.

The world uses these things on a massive scale every day. As well as ….

….. to name just a few.

Consumers will increasingly accept this as Android proliferates across a variety of devices and markets. When you can +1 the meal you’ve eaten on the plate you ate it off, or share a shopping list automatically generated by your smart fridge, more and more people will willingly generate these social signals for Google.

Here is the kicker:  all of the content shared from a Public Google+ post is indexed, and discoverable through Search on both Google and Google+.

Now I know this blog is read by a lot of copywriters.  And if you’re one of them, you’ve got an edge over everyone else in the marketing world. Google and Google+ thrive on good content and that’s your specialist field.  So take my advice and get ahead of the game with Google+ – create good content and you’ll reap the rewards.  And feel free to connect with me when you’re there.

Ian Gentles is a digital marketing specialist, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire.  He provides a consultancy and training service for companies wanting to maximise the returns of their digital marketing investment.

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