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Testimonial – Thomas Pritchard

I found the Copywriting Apprentice course a thorough preparation for a career in copywriting. Above all, the superb individual support offered by the tutors, and detailed assignment feedback, allowed me to develop my skills, knowledge and confidence throughout the course. Covering a wide range of skills that a copywriter may need, I now feel confident to work in online and offline contexts. I have a clear direction for future skills I would benefit from learning as my career grows from this very positive foundation.

Tom Pritchard – Tom Writes

A copywriting apprentice no more

A guest blog by Gill Pavey of Wordhouse Writing Services The mystery of the missing blog … This guest blog was written over a year ago. It, and the email it was attached to, vanished into cyberspace unbeknown to both the Copywriting Apprentice team and Gill Pavey. A chance remark uncovered the loss in February… Continue Reading

Testimonial – Rachel Romero

Every aspiring copywriter must sign up for the Copywriting Apprentice! When searching for online copywriting courses, I ended up comparing The Copywriting Apprentice with another (that I won’t name!). Both promised to teach me what I needed to know to become a professional copywriter, but in very different ways. One wouldn’t stop bombarding (some might… Continue Reading

Testimonial – Nicky Weelen

t took me a while to pluck up the courage to take on a copywriting course, and I did lots of research before I chose the Copywriting Apprentice. And I didn’t regret it. I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete the course quickly, with a toddler and plans to move house later in the… Continue Reading

Testimonial Gill Pavey

The course packed a lot in and the assignments required a lot of thought and effort. It wasn’t possible to take short cuts! This ensured all the knowlege and techniques in that section had to be thoroughly understood. This has prepared me very well for a freelance career in copywriting and I already have work.… Continue Reading


The Copywriting Apprentice course takes you from whatever level you are at and guides you through. It starts with foundational basics and gradually builds your copywriting skills and confidence. At the same time it guides you as you start to set up your business. All topics are dealt with in depth, so you can work… Continue Reading