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Testimonial – Rachel Romero

Every aspiring copywriter must sign up for the Copywriting Apprentice!

When searching for online copywriting courses, I ended up comparing The Copywriting Apprentice with another (that I won’t name!). Both promised to teach me what I needed to know to become a professional copywriter, but in very different ways.

One wouldn’t stop bombarding (some might call it spamming!) me with ostentatious emails attempting to entice me into signing up with promises of revealing to me how to unlock the secret door to the glamorous world of copywriting and make my millions. I still get emails from them now, nearly a year later!

But what I wanted was something which took my aspirations of a copywriting career, well, seriously. A course that trusted that the fact I was enquiring in the first place was enough, without feeling it necessary to send me pretentious ‘sales’ emails.

In stark contrast, The Copywriting Apprentice sent me its course prospectus with a short but very polite email thanking me for my request and offering help should I have any questions. It was happy to let its prospectus do the talking and patiently wait for me – no show-off copywriting techniques required.

I was immediately given the impression of a highly professional and sincere company, and that sealed the deal for me – I knew that CA was the right course me! I wasn’t disappointed. I can’t imagine I would have received anywhere near the excellent tutoring and expert guidance I received from CA had I chosen the other course. Right from the get go, my tutor was friendly and supportive, and my assignments were always returned with lightning speed along with very detailed, constructive and encouraging feedback.

I was able to work through the course at my own pace and was never rushed, even when I had to take a break of several months. The course guided me through all the copywriting essentials that I needed to know. The foundational basics were the biggest eye opener for me – I couldn’t believe the immediate difference I was able to make to my writing after learning how to tighten copy!

The course was well written, well presented, provided exceptional support throughout and was excellent value for money. I was fortunate to have already secured a position as a copywriter for the company I work for when I began the course.

The difference between the work I produce now compared to the work I was producing just before and at the beginning of the course is remarkable, and is proof of how much I have learned and improved my copywriting skills by choosing the CA course. Thank you, Copywriting Apprentice!

Rachel Romero

Testimonial Gill Pavey

The course packed a lot in and the assignments required a lot of thought and effort. It wasn’t possible to take short cuts! This ensured all the knowlege and techniques in that section had to be thoroughly understood. This has prepared me very well for a freelance career in copywriting and I already have work.… Continue Reading