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Why do we want guest bloggers?

If you’re a regular here, you’ve probably read a few of our guest blog posts (feel free to subscribe, by the way).

This blog is a resource for everyone thinking about becoming a copywriter.  If someone is considering a career change or looking for copywriting courses, they’re going to be doing their homework.  Before making such a life-changing decision, it’s important to understand everything it involves.

The prospective copywriter wants to know what they can expect.  They’re interested in the nuts and bolts of everyday life as a freelance writer.  How can they best market their services, how easy will it be for them to find work, how much can they charge, what to do if a client doesn’t pay … and so the list goes on.

Sadly, too many websites paint an unrealistic view of the life of a copywriter.  According to many we’ve seen, copywriters are fat cats who earn obscene amounts of money by just dreaming up the odd catchy slogan … in-between gin swilling and generally lazing around, of course.  If that’s a true representation of life as a copywriter, I’ve been doing something wrong all these years!

But while we can blog about our own experiences and our lives as freelance copywriters, it will only ever be one-dimensional.  Everyone’s experiences are different.  We all have different strengths, weaknesses and opinions.

And that’s why we’re asking copywriters, proofreaders, and other professionals to become guest bloggers.  Giving their views, advice, and sharing their experiences means we can build a realistic and honest resource for those wanting to launch a career in copywriting.

So, if you would like to share some of your knowledge and experience with our readers and write a guest blog for the Copywriting Apprentice, please get in touch.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

How to become a copywriter

If you’re looking for a career change or considering your options after leaving education, you might be wondering how you can become a copywriter. You’ll find some conflicting information online.  Some websites say you need a degree to become a copywriter.  Others suggest you must start as an intern in an agency.  If you’re hoping… Continue Reading