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The new copywriter’s moral dilemma

As a copywriting training company, we’re fortunate to know a lot of new copywriters.  One of their biggest dilemmas is whether or not to confess to being the new kid on the block.

Setting up as a freelance copywriter is exciting, but can also be a nerve-wracking time.  Will you make the grade?  How much work will you generate?  And just how do you gain the necessary experience?

So, after completing your copywriting course, do you throw yourself at your clients’ mercy and admit to being a new copywriter?  Or should you try to avoid the issue altogether, or even fib about your lack of experience?

Firstly, as all business relationships are based on trust, we strongly  recommend you don’t lie to a prospective client.  If you are caught out (and there’s a good chance you will be), you will destroy the relationship and damage your reputation.

There’s no doubt some prospective clients will be looking for a seasoned copywriter.  But in my experience, these will be in the minority.  Some prospective clients won’t bother to ask, and if you sound and look professional and are good at what you do, the question will never arise.

But it’s the clients who do enquire about experience that give many a new copywriter the collywobbles.  So just how do you handle this situation?

Writing experience

If you’ve recently set up your copywriting company, you’ve probably had a lifelong passion for words and writing.  You might have been a blogger or enjoyed creative writing for years.

This gives you an opportunity to deal with the experience questions.  You might say you have recently become a freelance copywriter and chose this as a career because you have always had a talent for writing.

Copywriting training

If you’re one of the Copywriting Apprentice course students, you will be able to tell your client you have been professionally trained in every aspect of copywriting.  You can talk about your grades and use your course work as examples.

But as we stressed earlier, it’s important you don’t lie to prospective clients.  Being honest and upfront with people will help you gain that very precious commodity – experience.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy