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Learn copywriting for a bright future

A guest blog by Tom Pritchard of Tom Writes

Tom Writes logoOne year ago, my professional outlook was very different to the view I enjoy today.

Disgruntled by the lack of opportunities in my previous career and frustrated by the Sisyphean reality of temp work, in January 2016 I began looking for a new direction. That search led me learn copywriting with the Copywriting Apprentice.

While it is feasible to learn copywriting without taking a course, I would urge all but the most single-minded and diligent to avoid this approach. Actually, even they would benefit to learn copywriting through a course!

The structured and logical approach of the course, the accountability of assessments and the support the Copywriting Apprentice offered me were crucial to eventually finding the satisfying, professional copywriting work I have enjoyed since graduating.

How I learned copywriting

I enrolled with the Copywriting Apprentice in February 2016 and completed the course by early June.

I was determined. I used the course material to provoke my wider interests and scoured the internet to learn more. With so many copywriting resources freely available on the internet, further learning about copywriting is easy to access. But without the course’s clear structure, I’m not sure that I would have stuck with it and become a copywriter.

I passed the course with a distinction and immediately set up my freelance business. I found work through freelance sites (PeoplePerHour has been the best resource for me) and existing professional contacts.

Sure enough, other work then arrived through social conversations and networking. It is a slow, somewhat unpredictable journey, but having been a freelance artist for a decade, this is nothing new to me!

My life as a copywriter (so far)

From month one, I have exceeded my expectations in regards to earning, hours of weekly work and enjoyment. I say this not to boast but to show that such success is entirely available to any of us. All we need are good foundations on which to build.

I travel the world with my nomadic partner, and copywriting fits into this unusual lifestyle very well. I am writing this piece on a train travelling across France and will be editing it at my desk in the south of England. You could equally find me in libraries, cafes and bars across Europe and beyond.

I have written pieces for businesses of all sizes across a broad spectrum of subjects. Some are one-offs, but many have become regular clients. Some are surprising in their success while others seem nailed on to be a great experience from the first enquiry. And of course I have had my share of failures, mishaps and mistakes along the way.

Spreading my wings

After learning copywriting, I completed a diploma in Proofreading and Copy-editing through the College of Media and Publishing. I have recently enrolled in their political journalism course to broaden my skill base and involve my interest in politics more directly in my work.

Both courses I completed in 2016 paid for themselves before I graduated. If there’s ever a stamp of credibility for a course it is that I gained sufficient skill to work professionally while still a copywriting student.

Looking ahead, I feel entirely positive about my prospects. Whether this leads me to working for an agency, remaining freelance or a mix of the two is a story for the future. But knowing the Copywriting Apprentice is there to continue supporting my journey makes the future seem that bit more secure.

A year on from being disgruntled and frustrated with my prospects, I am so very happy I decided to learn copywriting with the Copywriting Apprentice. If you’re in a similar situation, get in touch with Joy today – you won’t regret it.

Tom Pritchard is a former student of the Copywriting Apprentice. You can find out more by visiting his website at Tom Writes or read his copywriting blog.

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