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Who can benefit from a copywriting course?

You could be forgiven for thinking copywriting courses are something only aspiring copywriters will consider.  But think again!  In today’s content-driven marketplace, copywriting training benefits a much wider audience.

Virtual Assistants (VAs)

Unlike the traditional secretary who took shorthand, typed letters and managed the boss’ diary, VAs are called on to provide a wide range of services to their clients.

Blogging and writing online content is in constant demand, and VAs are now finding themselves doubling as their client’s copywriter.  While this helps the client by having his business administration managed by one person, the quality of the content is variable.

A copywriting course will help the VA provide a more extensive service to their clients.  With training, the online content they write is more effective and has a greater impact on the client’s marketing.

Copywriting training for marketing professionals

Copywriting training is a must for companies with a dedicated marketing team.  It helps reduce the amount of outsource support needed at a time when cutbacks are the order of the day and budgets are all-important.

Few marketers have the right copywriting skills.  This means material written in-house can have a detrimental effect on the company’s marketing.  A copywriting course is an investment which will benefit every aspect of your marketing strategy.

Web developers

Having trained copywriters in-house is a huge advantage for any company involved in website development.  The most common cause of delays in website project management is the client’s failure to deliver the copy.

Web developers who undertake copywriting training will not only be able to create their client’s copy, it will also add a new dimension to their SEO services.

Small business owners and managers

Having good copywriting skills is a huge advantage for anyone involved in running a small business.  Many small companies don’t have the budget to bring in professional copywriters and, as a result, their marketing suffers.

The cost of a copywriting course can be recouped quickly.  For example, the cost of copywriting for a small business website is likely to be greater than the cost of the training.  This makes copywriting training a cost-effective option for the small business.

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