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How do I get into copywriting?

Someone breaking into copywriting?Over the years, many people have asked me how they can become a copywriter.  Sometimes these are people I’ve met, or occasionally it’s been someone who has found us online and emailed asking for advice.

Many people aspire to be writers and dream of writing a best-selling novel.  Sadly, not many achieve this goal. But, if you’re passionate about the written word, becoming a copywriter is achievable and could be the writing career you’ve been looking for.

People ask ‘How can I get into copywriting’ or ‘How can I break into copywriting?’  That makes it sound rather like a smash-and-grab raid.  But becoming a copywriter is likely (for most people) to be a gradual transition, rather than an overnight metamorphosis.

If you’re interested in a copywriting career, the first step is to do your homework.  The majority of UK copywriters are freelancers, so you must understand what’s involved in self-employment.  Of course, there are some employment opportunities and internships available too, but they’re few and far between, by comparison.

This blog was created to provide a comprehensive resource for anyone thinking of becoming a copywriter.  Whether you’re planning to be a freelancer or hoping to find employment, the advice here is realistic and unbiased, and will help with your research.   You’ll see we have guest blogs from copywriters, marketers and other freelancers.  These will give you a rounded and objective view on life as a copywriter and what you can expect to encounter.

Then, if you still want to become a copywriter, it’s important to learn your craft.  As a company delivering a distance learning copywriting course, this might sound biased, but copywriting calls for more skills than just being a good writer.

A good copywriting course won’t just teach you copywriting techniques – it must also include things like the psychology of buyer behaviour and teach you the essential elements of SEO.  We even touch on typography and accessibility.  Life for today’s copywriter is an ongoing learning process.  The internet is so dynamic and fast-moving, you’ll have to continue to research and learn throughout your copywriting career.

But as well as helping hone your skills, copywriting training will boost your self-confidence, which is all-important as you embark on your new career.  You will be able to approach prospective clients knowing you can make a difference to their business, and you’ll have professional training behind you.

Many new writers make the transition gradually, combining their existing career with freelance work.  In an earlier guest blog about becoming a copywriter, Nick Pagan explained how he managed to juggle corporate life with copywriting until he became established.

So, if you think a copywriting career is the one for you, spend a little time looking round this blog.  And, if you have any specific questions, just drop us a line and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

Finally … good luck!

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

How to become a copywriter

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