Should copywriters write guest blogs?

Copywriter checking a guest blogThe world’s gone blogging mad.  That isn’t surprising when you understand the benefits of content marketing, though.  And because blogging is so effective, guest bloggers are in great demand. As a copywriter, you are likely to be in more demand than most, and you’re bound to be asked to write guest blogs.

We’re very much in favour of guest blogging and you’ll see we regularly feature articles on our blog which are written by other professionals. This gives our blog a much more objective and rounded viewpoint.

But before you rush off and start blogging for every Tom, Dick and Harry, remember, there has to be something in it for you.  When you give up your time and give others the benefit of your experience and knowledge, you must get something in return.  You’re unlikely to be paid for your guest blog, so you should expect to reap other benefits.

Before agreeing to guest blog, check out the blog site itself.  Some things to consider are:

o    Are the existing posts professional and well written?
o    Would you be happy to be associated with that blog?
o    Ask about traffic volumes to the blog.
o    How will your guest blog be promoted?
o    Does the host use social media to drive traffic to the blog?
o    Will your specialist subject be relevant and add value to the blog?
o    Are guest bloggers credited for their work?
o    Will the blog link back to your website?

While all this might seem obvious, we recently came across a site promoted on Twitter.  It had a wealth of guest blogs, but none were attributed to the original authors.  Each one simply said ‘written by a guest blogger’.  The site host had all the benefits of a well-populated blog, yet had given nothing back in return.

And, if you’re building your Google AuthorRank, don’t forget to make sure you can add the byline to your profile and include a link to the blog in your Google+ profile.

There are a wealth of benefits to be had from guest blogging.  You will increase your exposure and boost your internet footprint.  You will be seen to be an authority on your specialist subject, and links back to your own website or blog will deliver SEO benefits.  If you’d like to understand more about it, the Copy Blogger website explains the benefits perfectly in this article about guest blogging.

Finally, if you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger for the Copywriting Apprentice, please get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you – and yes, we’ll promote you and give you the credit!

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

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