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FREE resources, downloads and fact sheets

This Resource Library of the Learning Gateway is for the exclusive use of the our copywriting students. It’s packed with links to relevant websites and information help you develop your copywriting skills. The library is constantly growing as we add new reference material regularly.

As well as useful reference links, the library contains a wealth of fact sheets which can be accessed only by our Copywriting Apprentice students. These include:

  • Lists of blog, online content marketing and PR directories
  • Copywriting examples
  • Debt control information with sample credit control letter
  • Sample invoice and terms and conditions
  • How to deal with plagiarism
  • Successful networking skills
  • Guides to using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Marketing yourself on freelancer websites
  • Guide to split testing
  • Guide to secure data backups
  • Telemarketing guide
  • Business and marketing plan templates

As a Copywriting Apprentice student, you will be invited to contribute to the Learning Gateway. It is our aim to make this the most comprehensive resource possible for all our users. And, when you’ve completed your copywriting training, you will still retain unlimited access to the Resource Library to help you in your future career as a copywriter.