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Copywriting Apprentice FAQs

If you’re investigating copywriting courses, you’re going to ask some tough questions. If you want honest answers about the Copywriting Apprentice, look through our FAQs below.

If you would like to speak privately to someone studying with the Copywriting Apprentice, you can contact Debbie Thomas for a one-to-one chat.

If you’re a new to the world of copywriting or planning a copywriting career, you are invited to join the Copywriting Apprentice group on LinkedIn.  The group, ‘Aspiring Copywriters‘ is open to everyone entering the industry, in training or with less than a year’s experience.  The purpose of the group is to provide a support network for new copywriters and you don’t have to be connected with the Copywriting Apprentice to join.


1. Can I earn a living from copywriting?

In a word – Yes. However, make no mistake – you’ll need to learn your craft and work hard – at both your writing and your marketing.

2. What skills and qualifications do I need for a career in copywriting?

You don’t need any specific qualifications to have a successful career in copywriting. However, you do need a good command of the English language and the ability to write well.

3. Do you have an online copywriting course?

When you enrol with the Copywriting Apprentice, you will have access to our online copywriting course as well as a professionally-printed textbook. All you need is an internet connection to login to the online version of your copywriting course. We also offer a series of short copywriting courses which are delivered solely online and are ideal for marketers and small business owners.

4. Do I get a copywriting textbook too?

Everyone who enrols on our copywriting course is sent a professionally-printed textbook. That way you can choose to study from the book or online and can work anywhere at any time.

5. Why should I choose the Copywriting Apprentice?

We’re bound to say because it’s a better training course (you’ll probably think we’re biased – and you’d be right).

We believe the Copywriting Apprentice is the most comprehensive copywriting training available. We test and challenge you throughout your training.

Including your pre-course assessment, you have to pass 12 assignments and 17 multiple choice revision tests to complete our course. That means you have a thorough grounding in every aspect of copywriting. Yes – we make our students work hard, but so will your prospective clients.

Oh – did we mention you have telephone one-to-ones with your tutor? These help make your training more personal and relevant to your needs. So, that’s another good reason.

6. What other training do you offer?

We only deliver copywriting training. With the Copywriting Apprentice, you get quality copywriting training delivered by experienced professionals. We’re not a Jack of all trades.

7. Do you offer any short copywriting courses?

Yes. We also offer a range of short online copywriting courses which are perfect for anyone wanting to develop specific skills or for business owners and marketing professionals. In addition, we deliver in-house copywriting training for companies wanting to improve their staff’s writing skills.

8. Do I have to use the online Learning Gateway?

Yes. And that’s not a decision we took lightly. As a copywriter in today’s world, much of your work will be for websites and other online resources. That means you must be familiar with online systems if you’re going to be successful.

Today’s copywriter must be internet-savvy. We’d be failing you if we didn’t provide you with an online learning platform.

9. What information is available in the Learning Gateway?

The Learning Gateway contains the online version of the course. There is also a comprehensive Resource Library, which is packed with information. You’ll find links to help your research, fact sheets, downloads and copywriting examples.

The Resource Library is updated regularly. We’re constantly on the look-out for helpful and relevant information to help our students in their studies.

10. Why do I have to complete my training in a year?

Yes, some other copywriting courses do say there is no time limit to complete your training. But we believe there is little benefit in this.  There are two good reasons for setting this time limit:

If you’re serious about becoming a copywriter, you will be motivated and complete your course well within the year. If you let it drag on and on, you’ll probably never get round to finishing it, you’ll have wasted your time and money, and your dreams of becoming a copywriter will never be achieved.

Much of a copywriter’s work is for websites and other online resources. The internet is dynamic and changes rapidly. If you take too long to complete the course, there’s a risk the internet-related sections of your printed textbook would be out-of-date. The Copywriting Apprentice textbook is updated every few months to make sure the training is current and relevant.

11. How much time will I have to spend studying?

We recommend students spend around 4 hours a week on their copywriting training. However, the time you spend studying will depend on your work and family commitments.

12. What sort of people apply to study with the CA?

Copywriting Apprentice students come from all walks of life. The majority of our students want to become full-time copywriters. Some have been made redundant, others are looking for a career change, or perhaps a job to fit in with their family commitments.

But not all our students plan to be full-time writers. Some are marketing professionals who want to improve their copywriting skills. Some are small business owners, company directors, and even secretaries. They have a common aim – to learn to write effective copy.

13. Why are there so many assignments and tests?

You can’t learn enough from just reading a book, downloading a PDF, or watching a few videos clips. You need supervised practical experience to support your distance learning. When your tutor marks each assignment, you will get comprehensive feedback to help you perfect your copywriting techniques.

Our online sticky tests are fast, furious, and fun! They are interactive multiple-choice questions which are designed to test how much you have learnt by studying the chapter. If you get any of the questions wrong, you know immediately what areas you need to work on.

14. Why do you have phone tutorials?

Why do you have phone tutorials when other copywriting courses don’t do that?

Your tutor is here to help you get the most from your copywriting training. Distance learning can be impersonal and students sometimes feel isolated. Having one-to-one phone tutorials solves this problem. It helps by motivating you and allows you to discuss any problems or issues you might have. And apart from all that – there’s no better way for our students and tutors to get to know each other better.

15. How often is the copywriting course updated?

The Copywriting Apprentice course is updated annually. In particular, the chapters dealing with online copywriting are reviewed and updated to reflect current trends and technology changes. Copywriters today work extensively online. If we didn’t make regular updates to the course, you would be given out-of-date information which would be detrimental to you and your future clients.

16. What sort of people become Copywriting Apprentice tutors?

The Copywriting Apprentice tutors are highly skilled and experienced copywriters. Where possible, our tutors have a background in the education sector or who have training experience.

17. How will my assignments be marked?

The Copywriting Apprentice tutors must mark all assignments to a set standard. Included in the marking framework are things like writing skills, accuracy, presentation, and adhering to the brief.

At the Copywriting Apprentice, it’s not just the students who are assessed. We employ an independent moderator who makes regular random checks to ensure your tutor maintains stringent standards.

Our moderator has access to the online Learning Gateway, so he can make instant checks without notice or warning. This makes sure your tutor marks your work fairly and consistently, and is giving you the support you need throughout your copywriting training.

18. Do you have a Prospectus?

19. Where can I get advice about a career in copywriting?

If you need advice about any aspect of embarking on a copywriting career, you can phone the Copywriting Apprentice office on 0345 257 2013.  There’s no obligation and if we can help you, we will. If you want a student’s perspective on training Debbie Thomas, one of our students, has offered to help. Alternatively, the LinkedIn group Aspiring Copywriters is a good place to talk to other people new to the industry, share your views and ask for advice.

20. What free gifts are included with the course?

If you’re looking for gimmicks or ‘free’ gifts, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking for a professional start to your copywriting career, read on. We focus our time and energies on giving you professional training with regularly updated course material and unlimited tutor support. And that’s worth a whole lot more.

21. When can I start my copywriting training?

Right now. You can enrol online today. Of course if you want to know more, don’t forget the Copywriting Apprentice team is here to help. You can send an email, or if you’d rather have a chat, the number’s 0345 257 2013.